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Swing the scales in your favour

FNH Solutions provides funds for litigation and for the purchase of valid debts. Its team of experienced consultants and litigators has successfully recovered many thousands of owned and acquired debts.

This "hands on" experience, combined with the necessary funds required to successfully pursue litigation to conclusion, allows FNH to offer a comprehensive range of litigation support services.

FNH Solutions provides specialist funding for:

Corporations and other legal entities - including purchase of debts that meet FNH Solutions guidelines; funding for the full range of debt recovery and litigation processes; litigation support services including strategic advice, case management/ third-party review / audit; and overall risk management.

Individuals - with the full range of corporate services being available to individuals whose debt recovery requirements meet FNH Solutions guidelines.

Sensitive situations - where debt recovery action may require sensitivity to the creditor's position within the community. Child Care Centres and schools can find themselves in a difficult position unless recovery action is sensitive to their needs.

Distressed projects and work-outs

FNH Solutions has an experienced team operating in the Property Development and Construction industries. This specialist team conducts due diligence on behalf of institutions, administrators, developers, funders and joint venture partners. The team also has extensive experience in managing distressed projects through their work-out stage, identifying the objectives of all stakeholders and ensuring these objectives are met. .

Investment opportunities

Opportunities are available for Investors - whether companies or individuals - to partner with us in "once-off" litigations.